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InfoComm 2018: Yealink Intros the VC200 Video Conferencing Product for Huddle Rooms

InfoComm 2018: Yealink Intros the VC200 Video Conferencing Product for Huddle Rooms
Majid Shojaei : واقعاً دستگاهی بی رقیب و بی نظیر از لحاظ فنی و کاربردی

Yealink VC200 & Cloud Platforms Webinar

Kyle Oursler, Channel Account Manager \u0026 Yealink VCS Specialist at 888VoIP, discusses the ins \u0026 outs of the new Yealink VC200 solution - ideal for small conference spaces \u0026 huddle rooms. Oursler then transitions into a discussion on how the VC200 works with cloud-based VC platforms, such as Easymeeting, BlueJeans, and Zoom.
Gerardo Hernández : Hi! Do you know if it would work with Broadworks? Thank you

Volocopter VC200 – Dynamic performance flight tests

Unmanned flight tests with Volocopter VC200 to collect real performance data. A series of flight tests was performed to determine the flight behavior of the eVTOL in extreme situations.
The data and findings from these flights areis used to optimize the current development of Volocopters for mass production enabling air taxis as a solution for urban traffic.

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Railgap Esoterica : what's the difference between RC-ing a Volocopter and RC-ing a drone? The size of the FETs. ;D
World greatest video Clips : Great job . How much price is this and can we fly this in pakistan ??
Seno Seno : Good job fair
Isa Vatandas : Ihr seid echte Flugpioniere... Das braucht das Land. Weiter so...
Diethard Michael Meyer : Lächerlich! Sitzt keiner drin.
Jussi Lind : Looks like some sci-fi movie.
LGA Technologie : 20 minutes? Totally unsafe.
Jesse Ansell : And the acoustic measurement is??
kelvin.lee kelvinhongkong : The most unsuccessful ones are the external fans. When rotating, it is like a sharp knife. It is easy to get hurt and hurt people. Didn't the designer think about it?
timairglider : Hmmmmm. the photo shows it flying above cumulus clouds but the video shows a giant sized RC drone.




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