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Lil Blurry x DJ Khaled - “ Important” (Official Music Video - WSHH Exclusive)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “Important” by Lil Blurry x DJ Khaled.
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Lil Blurry and DJ Khaled team up to release their newest single “Important “ Produced by My Guy Mars; directed by Trill Phil \u0026 Motion Family
GFX by Bawsworld

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The Entire important videos Playlist in One Video

Today, I agonizingly upload the entire important videos playlist in one video.
0:00-0:08 Yee - revergo
0:08-0:25 color red - Alex Jimenez
0:25-0:55 Terrible Mall Commercial - Potatoflesh
0:55-1:03 [HD] Sandra Annenberg Cai Ao Vivo no Programa "Como Será?" - Rede STI
1:03-1:06 name a yellow fruit - DaRkMaGiCiAn5009
1:06-1:36 The moment an old lady questions her own sanity - Marcuskb92
1:36-1:45 How It Feels To Chew 5 Gum - kawaiigaythug ミ
1:45-2:08 Hollaback Seinfeld - Kodiak
2:08-2:22 Nates Firepole Fail - Liliya Moroz
2:22-2:37 It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Yee - BaronVonRhodes
2:37-2:44 Guy takes video instead of picture. - missaussiedoggify
2:44-3:00 School of Rock Hawaii 5-0 Drum Fill - SamWegProductions
3:00-3:12 Trick Shot - Thrifty Video Network
3:12-3:18 Kiss - Isaac
3:18-3:38 Flutterbye fairy toy flies into fire O'Fortuna - Animetist
3:38-3:50 burp helium (so funny) - Pawel Kowalski
3:55-4:04 Spiderman - czarnaowca81
4:04-4:09 My cat is crazy - Tomas J
4:09-4:12 ajrojrojro - oh nononono
4:13-4:30 Bobby - LIPZXNFVCX
4:30-4:46 Seth Rogen Laugh + Cantina Song = Nightmares - 1UpBox
4:46-5:10 How to light a firecracker - Matthew Bartel
5:10-5:17 moshift - stanley footykicker
5:17-5:28 I'm from Winnipeg You Idiot! Jericho Owns the World !! - Y2JGFX
5:28-6:37 Professor Scott Steiner Typography - AJ Minotti
6:37-6:47 HERE I COME I AM CINNAMON - JakeTripplJ
6:47-6:56 Не гладь меня! / Don't touch me - Fails\u0026Funnies
6:56-7:25 GoPro Test / Welcome To My Channel - James Dillen
7:25-7:38 Chroma Key test - jorjeca
7:38-7:51 Flying nut high five - Tom Leiby
7:51-7:59 Barney Meets His Maker - XScourgeTailsX
7:59-8:16 Turn that Poop into Wine - sclerine
8:16-8:24 Wow a Yard Sale! - Samurai Pixel Cats
8:24-8:30 Super Марио Brothers - rawrderder
8:30-8:59 I Just Found 12 Bricks - Tommy Jegier
8:59-9:13 KOREAN KIMCHI SLAP! - Koreaboo
9:13-9:25 드라마 레전드급 무리수ㅋㅋㅋ - 시터카페
9:25-9:31 wowww - rad gabucci
9:31-9:55 Airbus A320 test flight gone wrong - Andre Cabrino
9:55-10:20 Congratulations!!!! - Verticalmule
10:21-10:31 Kaito Hates the Vet - Fur Baby Sprinkles
10:31-10:37 Birthday Surprise: Gone Wrong - Imabigplayer
10:37-10:43 Oh God Dammit - Brodie B
10:43-10:59 dog grips 2 - HoboJIm117
10:59-11:12 STOP PUTTING MEMES IN MEDIA - Digital Infinity
11:12-11:35 Surprised My Dad With a New Puppy - Philip Michaels
11:35-11:45 Riding cat - 25+ Animals
11:45-12:03 Nicolas Cage Driving - Alex E.
12:03-12:06 thomas kinkade PREVIEW.MOV - Jamie loftus
12:06-12:12 Redneck chili cookoff interview - Codi Vega
12:12-12:19 Pico De Gato - AaronsAnimals
12:19-12:28 Nickelstats - Euphemism for Magic
12:28-12:47 Goth knows what he's doing - James Weir
12:47-12:55 Babies Seeing Chickens For First Time - 25+ Animals
12:55-13:13 What are Frogs, Mulder? - Chad Rainieri
13:13-13:31 Deleted video cri
13:31-13:45 swangin.mp4 - Modman
13:45-14:17 Flight of the Bumblebee on 101 Bottles! - Colm O'Regan
14:17-14:24 Scott Bradford - suudabraalis
14:24-14:39 Wizard Cat - Ahmed El Bayed idk how to type this
14:39-14:54 World's Hottest Burrito - hijosh
14:54-14:59 private video cri
14:59-15:37 Leafblower Volcano - odog a bunch of 8s
15:37-15:51 Conga - LJP
15:51-15:56 Bear and Man Spook Each Other - iksnyrk
15:56-16:02 Helicopter takes off from top of dog's head - RM Videos
16:02-16:12 Staying Alive - 25+ Animals
16:12-16:19 You Stoned?? - Ricky Retardo
16:19-16:21 [ORIGINAL] Turkish man yelling "meow" at an egg - Christoffer Bader
16:21-16:32 IAAPA Animatronic 1 - Potion of Play
16:32-16:39 Baby Scared Of Party Toy - shoot
16:39-16:53 The World's Biggest "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" Fan - Brock Baker 2
16:53-17:13 Unfriended Hey Guys It's Nicole - JSJ
17:13-17:36 Most important thing in woman (English subtitles) - MrMoviesfromrussia
17:36-17:48 animal calling - Cash4Memes
17:48-17:56 Great Job Pooping! - Kyoot Kids
17:56-18:24 THE BING BONG THEORY - BlazinSkrubs
18:24-18:36 Mary being Mary - afauclair
18:36-18:52 Worlds Largest Functioning Whoopee Cushion... And my thoroughly unimpressed cat - Onur Armagan
18:52-19:01 When your jam comes on, but you go to a catholic school - Briangelo
19:01-19:08 Kissing in Front of Crazy Christians - Devin Lieberman
19:08-19:14 Boy with taco FAIL - Lazy Lad Network
19:14-19:29 Marijuana Kills - UNKOWN UPLOADER
19:29-19:42 Oh....SHIT! - diobeada
19:42-19:52 Uptown Funk You Up - Aurora Siron
19:52-20:15 Bird learns how life works - Matas

Description is too long after this point, sorry about that...

Important Videos Playlist -


The world's biggest celebrities explain why it's Important that you vote in November.

Register and find your polling place at Save The Day:

Starring Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Keegan-Michael Key, Matt McGorry, Mark Ruffalo, James Franco, Cobie Smulders, Julianne Moore, Yvette Nicole Brown, David Harbour, Veronica Osorio, Clea Duvall, Bradley Whitford, Tavi Gevinson, Ashley Johnson, Stanley Tucci, Leslie Odom Jr., Nathan Fillion, Rosie Perez, Tom Lenk, Taran Killam, Cathy Porras, Joel Landson, Randall Park, Clark Gregg, Don Cheadle, Neil Patrick Harris, Jesse Williams, and Martin Sheen

Written and Directed by Joss Whedon




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