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Attic - Sanctimonious (2017)

Band: Attic
Album: Sanctimonious
Country: Germany
Label: Ván Records


1. Ludicium Dei
2. Sanctimonious
3. A Serpent in the Pulpit
4. Penalized
5. Scrupulosity
6. Sinless
7. Die Engelmacherin
8. A Quest for Blood
9. The Hound of Heaven
10. On Choir Stalls
11. Dark Hosanna
12. Born from Sin
13. There Is No God


Meister Cagliostro - Vocals
Katte - Guitars
Rob - Guitars
Chris - Bass
JP - Drums

More info:

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If you like it, buy the album.
pathom phurahong : 0:01
Damon Scott : Cradle of Filth with King Diamond on vocals.
Dawn Debris : Fabulous!...even better than their 2012 effort which was already top notch!
Tom Giddens : Very impressed with this album. Definitely a fan and will be buying it first chance I get. Great work. \m/
Blood Eagle 88 : Attic is the love child of mercyful fate, king diamond and dissection.
Eduardo Henrique : Wow this is a masterpiece!
Anderson Lana : Great Band! I loved each song. The Singer looks like King Diamond, but he has his own style. Fantastic!
Brian Vitullo : /⛪ATTIC⛪\
2nd full length studio album cheers friends enjoy horror power metal !
Lorelei Amrijass : EXQUISITE ALBUM!!!!!!!!
SHADO : Completely mind-blowing

Attic - The Hound Of Heaven (Official Video)

"THE HOUND OF HEAVEN" is the first single from the upcoming new ATTIC album “Sanctimonious”.
After more than four years the follow-up to “The Invocation” is finally on its way.

“SANCTIMONIOUS” is a complete concept album that contains 13 tracks and over an hour playing time.
On 18.08.2017 darkest heavy metal will rise to its full power once again!

The full length is going to be released as noble digipack CD \u0026 gatefold double vinyl record the 18th of August 2017 via Ván Records and can be preordered in different editions there\u0026x=0\u0026y=0


Director - Robert Piel
Cinematography - Christian Scholz
Editor - Daniel Schlichter
Actress - Bianca Ziemski


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Cainele Anton12 : Oh my god, as a long time King Diamond worshiper, this made me have an erection.
Tony Lemminger : Idk who does king diamond better. Attic or Portrait
Liz Jimenez paniagua : Muy buena banda!! Aguante Attic
Andym Bass Guitar : Looks like King Diamond. I like it!
DeadwoodHero : Troy from the band Them has a greater vocal range and better control..But this dude has Kings tone down pat.
Luís C. Tomasini : That's amazing \m/
Tom Giddens : Most excellent. Love, love, love this tune. Definitely getting this album.
Raul Camino Ruiz : Grandioso álbum. Saludos de .PERU
Don Mc : The first time I heard this song it was labeled as a KD song here on youtube.  And it's good enough that I believed it.
Rock Junior : "... my sweet King Diamond...
... You're the ONE !!!

You're the ONE ...
You're the ONE ...
You're the ONE ...
You're the ONE ...

Stepping into the Attic for the First Time

Thanks for watching!

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Beat(s) used in video:

Produced by Dices -

Dee ReeseBeats -

Outro song: Dices - Live Life

Intro created by Teaks:

music rules pop : Hi Lucas
Pepper Mint Button : 4 months later.... I think he's taking a break witch is good! I SUPPORT HIM
Miranda sing toenails : Bro u needa post more !!!
Octavia Lee : Where’s more videos?! You disappeared on uuuusss!
The Kings Castle : The socks tho
Ultimatesunflower9000 : that scene at 5:15 tho
Sophia Woods : I laughed to this.

Pleaase more videos like this.
zzzzzzzzoinks : ikr my mom never listens to me when I tell her there’s a man in the attic :/
zzzzzzzzoinks : his FBI agent watching him argue at air like
Zainab Kadhim : LOL Wasn't that "girl" with the rainbow hair gina??




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